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Don’t Grow Anywhere!

Listen to my guest co-host Autumn and I talk about growing, not showing! As you can infer, the theme of the week is what flowers do with themselves, what humans try to do with themselves, and what inanimate can’t do in general: growth. The Ramones sang about it, as did Metric. Your ears will grow out of happiness. Promise:)

There are many different types of alliteration you can use to describe Tuesdays, one in particular being “terrible Tuesday”, especially if you’re a college student. However, there is a damn good online radio show about to happen, from 2:30 to 4 pm from the Blue Echo at UNCA. It’s called Jivin’ Jargon, and the theme of this week just might turn your suspected “terrible Tuesday” into a “terrific Tuesday.” If you guessed that the word of the week will be “love”, you’re wrong. It’s dancing! So listen to songs about bands who love dancing (ABBA), singers who have odd ways of interpreting dancing ( Liz Phair), singers who dance barefoot( Patti Smith), and bands who like to dance all night ( Violent Femmes).So get sassy and shake your groove thing to this fabulous playlist. Or, at least, talk about it.

Listen below:

C’mon, get happy!

People. Jivin’ Jargon is going to be on from 2:30-4pm today. Turn in for an incredibly weird, funky show themed around the word happy, as per the suggestion of the lovely Anna Mitchell. Granted, the Pharrell Williams jam will be a given, but so will be jams from Cabaret VoltaireThe Ramones, and the always questionable Avril Lavigne . So tune in, happy or not. Chug caffeine. Get perky. and listen to mah show, right here:

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